FREE and Patchogue-Medford Library Hold Meet the Artists Reception Honoring Artists With Autism and Other Special Needs During National Autism Awareness Month

April 24, 2018 | Press

Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) recently held a Meet the Artists Reception to honor special needs artists participating in their Fine Art and Art Therapy Programs at the Patchogue-Medford Library. These artists currently have their latest collection of NEW abstract paintings entitled “DISRUPTION” on exhibit at the library, located at 54-60 E Main Street, Patchogue, NY.  The exhibit will run through April 30, 2018.  All are encouraged to view the works and perhaps purchase a piece.  The proceeds of sales go towards supporting the artist and their program.

The collection on display is called DISRUPTION, a very special exhibition of artwork created by individuals with Autism and other Special Needs, participating in Fine Art and Art Therapy programs at FREE.

More than simply interfering with a pattern that was already in existence, DISRUPTION challenged our artists to create a pattern, then disrupt it and transform the old pattern into a brand new one. It looks different, feels different and is different. To be able to embrace this new pattern, old thinking and memories had to shift. What was old had to be let go of as our artists immersed themselves into the flowing river of creativity; where healing resides and has the power to rejuvenate and transform life.

Throughout the seven months it took to complete the process, weekly emotional and spiritual self-revelation spiraled our artists to ever mounting artistic heights allowing them to find their voices and “talk to us” through the mystical, hidden language of images and symbols.

DISRUPTION consists of wide ranging depictions of differing natural frequencies of life. Whether it is an internal neurological pathway or a winding path through the forest, the patterns on the paper display the artist’s personal reflection of their own connection to our worlds and the pathway to creativity.

While the artwork is beautiful to look at it is important to recognize the depth of emotional release, intellectual learning and work skills development that took place over months of work with all our dedicated staff. It was their patience and unerring commitment to “stay the course” and believe that our artists could reach high to not only “see their healing image”, but also commit it to permanent form for all to share in their vision.

Much has been written about the healing power of Mindfulness Based Art Therapy and the creative process of spiritual self-expression, especially for individuals who may find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings through spoken words alone. The images on view are a testament to this healing power, as our artists faced the challenge to “break through” familiar modes of expression and embrace feelings of trust, hope and peace, offering them an alternative to chaos, conflict and fear. This project in creativity has helped fortify the groundwork for our artists’ successful, ongoing contributions to our community through employment, volunteerism and cultural enhancement for us all.

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