The quality of our services depends on the quality of our staff!

That is why FREE values individuals who are committed to their jobs and interested in advancing in their careers. Our administrators place a premium on hiring people with potential, providing top quality training and recognizing individuals who can work within the FREE team.

Together…Creating the right solution for any need.

That is our vision. If you would like to be a part of an organization that is devoted to helping individuals with disabilities realize their full potential and prevail over life’s challenges, we would like to hear from you!

Employee Benefits

Career Advancement

There are many opportunities to advance your career within the FREE Network. The knowledge and skills learned as a direct support professional provide a strong foundation for the Human Services, Psychology and Nursing professions.

Tuition Reimbursement

Through the tuition reimbursement program, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. supports eligible employees who wish to improve their job skills or develop future job skills by assisting them with the cost of tuition and/or certification programs.

Retirement and 401(k) Savings Plan

Gives you an easy and effective way to save for retirement. There are many advantages for the employee to participate in the plan including: Employer quarterly match, Annual discretionary employer contribution.

Medical Benefits

We offer a comprehensive major medical and prescription with Emblem Health. Our major dental benefits are bundled with your major medical at no additional cost to you. We also offer a complementary employer funded Health Reimbursement Account [HRA] program for some out of pocket costs.

Paid Vacation & Sick time

Full-time and part-time team members will accrue both vacation time and sick time. Accrual rate will be prorated based on your authorized weekly hours.

Gym membership reimbursement

$100 Reimbursement for eligible employees.

Employee Testimonials

Featured Positions

DSP (Direct Support Professional)

Your primary role as a direct support professional is to provide balance and care to encourage the dreams of the individuals we support. The duties of your employment will be as endless as the aspirations of those who you will care for. Together you will grow as you assist them in the identification and realization of both daily and yearly life goals, simultaneously advocating for their health and safety while enabling them to overcome barriers and to establish their own networks and roles within society.

CHS (Community Habilitation Specialist)

As a community habilitation specialist, you are both the key to and the safety net from the opportunities and pitfalls of independent living. As a facilitator of social balance, you will simultaneously ensure the health and safety of the individuals you support while supporting their active involvement in the community, and advocating for the fulfillment of their needs.

CSS (Community Support Specialist)

Your role as a community support specialist is both that of a teacher and a confidant. Steady in your support, you will help to provide stability to the individuals you assist by providing daily training in independent living skills and ensuring maintenance of psychiatric stability. As a highly organized and skilled communicator, you will enable effective interactions between the individuals whom you serve and all of the other people involved in their treatment, including other team members, family members, and the general community.

BIS (Behavior Intervention Specialist)

As a behavior intervention specialist, you will be challenged to analyze and recreate innovative programs of intervention and prevention which will allow the individuals you support to progress further into the depths of their potential. By creatively redirecting and ensuring the minimization of targeted maladaptive behaviors, you will work directly with individuals and their support teams, functioning as the key which unlocks limitless numbers of doors that lead down the many paths to more independent living through increased social integration.

RN (Registered Nurse)

As a registered nurse, you already appreciate the privilege that is healing and supporting those who are in need. As a registered nurse working directly with the individuals we support, however, you will also learn how to aid and support the healing of the mind as well as you advocate for others and encourage constant daily treatment and habilitation through a proactive and personalized approach. At times, you will step into the role of a teacher as well, using the vast knowledge and experience that your certifications have afforded you to pass on the gift of healing to your fellow care-givers.

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