Self Directed Services

Fiscal Intermediary Services (FI Services)

Self-Direction is way for a person to manage services and supports centered around what is best for them. Self-Direction provides more choice and flexibility to meet the needs of the Self-Direction participant so that the person is living a fulfilled and happy life.


Family Residences and Essential Enterprises Inc. (FREE) is a leader of providing community services and is committed to creating new solutions to support the people we serve. For those looking for options other than a traditional group home or day habilitation setting, FREE offers customized options where people choose who they would like to life with – or by themselves – and select the supports they would like to have in their home. This puts people with disabilities in charge of making decisions for themselves and in control of their services.

Fiscal Intermediary Services are available from Family Residences and Essential Enterprises to support a participant who self direct their services with budget authority. These tasks include billing and payment for goods and services, maintaining documents for the SD participant, approving staff time-sheets, and admin supports following OPWDD guidance. The FI is also responsible for reviewing initial budgets, budget amendments, providing monthly expenditure reports to the SD participant, and is the co-employer of record for staff hired by the participant.

Self-Direction Mobile App for Individuals & Families

Managing self-directed services be challenging. Our Self-Direction Mobile App keeps Individuals and their Families in control of their unique care services. Our SelfDirection Mobile App for Individuals & Families makes it easy to ensure transparency, accuracy, and connectivity.

  • View Expenditure Reports
  • Submit Reimbursements
  • Approve Staff Timesheets for Self-Hired Staff
  • Complete Monthly Summaries
  • Independent Living Skills

Self-Direction Eligibility

  • Have a Care Coordinator and be enrolled in Waiver Services

For More Information, Please Contact

James McGovern, Vice President of Self Directed Services, Community Habilitation, In-Home Respite, & FSS

Phone: 631-952-0258