Each person is unique. Self-direction empowers people to design supports based on their unique strengths and needs. It gives you more control over the funding used to buy your services.

Broker Services

FREE has agency Support Brokers
A Support Broker helps a person exercise as much choice and control over their life as possible. The Support Broker guides someone through initiation of a self-directed budget and provides ongoing support.

Care at Home and Case Management

OPWDD currently operates three Care at Home (CAH) Medicaid Home and Community Based Waivers. The OPWDD CAH waivers (III, IV and VI) provide services to children with severe developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions living at home with their families.

Plan of Care Support Services (PCSS)

A separate HCBS waiver service. Coordinators assist HCBS waiver enrollees who have opted out of traditional MSC to maintain enrollment through maintenance of their individualized service plans and current level of care eligibility.

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