Do you enjoy theatre and the performing arts? Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an Instrument? Do you like to act or dance? Do you like to play sports and compete? Have you ever dreamed of performing in front of thousands of fans in stadiums and arenas?

If you answered yes to any of these, the Drum & Bugle Corps may be for you! The Marching Arts combines all of these elements (Music, Dance, Drama, Athletics) into one group activity, while providing once in a lifetime performance and travel opportunities, in an all inclusive environment.

Drum Corps (short for Drum & Bugle Corps) is a professional Marching Band that requires the musicianship of a symphony, combined with the athleticism of a professional sport, mixed with the theatrics of a Broadway production.

About FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps

The FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps is the 1st differently abled Drum & Bugle Corps/Marching Band in the world! The Corps was established in 2010 by Brian Calhoun, a Senior Music Specialist at Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) Theatre Arts Day Program in Old Bethpage NY, to provide new opportunities to people of all abilities, all across Long Island NY, who are aspiring musicians, dancers, actors and athletes.

The Corps wants to show that they share the same passion for the marching arts as their typical mainstream peers. We hope to continue to make history, alleviate prejudice, break down boundaries and demonstrate that anyone can communicatethrough the one universal language, MUSIC!

FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps

The FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps is divided into 5 different sections (Drumline, Front Ensemble, Color Guard, Brass, Woodwinds, and also includes Drum Major’s) as well as a Drum Major. Today our Corps has over 70 members, ages 20 to 50 plus. All the members of the Corps have intellectual and physical disabilities. The purpose of the Corps is to focus on the members talents and abilities, not their disabilities.


A Drumline is a section of a Marching Band or Drum & Bugle Corps comprised of percussionists who play marching drums. Today our Drumline is comprised of 25 participants and is the largest section of the Corps.

Front Ensemble

The Front Ensemble (also called The Pit) is the section of a Marching Band or Drum & Bugle Corps that play stationary percussion and melodic instruments. The Front Ensemble features the widest variety of instruments out of all the sections of the Corps.

Color Guard

The Color Guard is the section of a Marching Band or Drum & Bugle Corps that uses equipment, such as flags, mock rifles, sabers, streamers, batons, along with dance and gymnastics to accompany the music. The Color Guard is the main visual part of the show.


Brass (The Horn Line) is one of the main melodic sections of a Marching Band or Drum & Bugle Corps. Members play Brass Instruments (Trumpet, Mellophone, French Horn, Baritone/Euphonium, Tuba, Trombone) while marching, dancing and performing drill.


Coming in 2018 – Woodwinds is the other main melodic section of a Marching Band. Members play Woodwind Instruments (Picolo, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone) while marching, dancing and performing drill.

Drum Major

A Drum Major is the leader and conductor of a Marching Band or Drum & Bugle Corps. The Drum Major’s role is a member of the Corps who is responsible for providing commands to the Corps and leads the Corps in parades. The commands may be given either verbally, through hand gestures, using a whistle or baton.

How to join the FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps

The FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps is now holding auditions for open positions in all 5 sections of our Corps (Drumline, Front Ensemble, Color Guard, Brass & Woodwinds). Auditions are open to people who receive disability services all across Long Island NY.

Audition Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be a HS Graduate or 21 years of age or older
  2. In order to be eligible to audition, one of the following must apply to you. You must live at home with your family and be eligible to receive Respite Services, live in a FREE Residence, or attend a FREE program. Eligibility to audition will be determined on a case by case basis for individuals or participants residing or attending programs in other provider agencies.
  3. Must live on Long Island and be able to travel to and from all Drum & Bugle Corps Respite Rehearsals every Wednesday evening. Rehearsals begin at 4pm and conclude at 7pm.
  4. We cannot accept anyone at this time that needs extra behavioral support or medical support, as we do not have the behavioral support staff, or medical support staff on site during rehearsals and performances that can provide additional assistance.

Previous experience in Drum & Bugle Corps/Marching Band, playing an instrument, dance or gymnastics is not required to audition, although it is preferred.

Volunteer, Internship & Employment

Our Corps is constantly growing and we are always looking for people that have experience in the marching arts to help expand our creative and educational team. We are currently seeking people that have experience in teaching Drumline, Front Ensemble, Color Guard and any Brass or Woodwind instruments.


Book the FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps for your event!

Our Corps actively performs 12 months a year. We customize our performances based on the targeted audience, type of event, size of the performance area and if the event is indoors or outdoors. For larger events that are held in stadiums, arenas and gymnasiums we typically use our entire Corps. For smaller events and more intimate settings such as corporate events and educational seminars, we only use select members from various sections. Our Corps also frequently marches in parades and provides halftime entertainment for sporting events.

We do not require a fee to perform, however a donation is preferred. If you are interested in booking our Corps for your event please contact FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps Director, Brian Calhoun for further information.

Phone: (516) 870-1600 Ext. 1801

Upcoming Events!

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Represent the Team Spirit!

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