March 5, 2018 | Faces Of FREE

My name is Leah. I started attending the theater Day Habilitation at FREE in Bethpage in 2012. In January of 2016, I moved into a FREE residence called Greentree in Medford, New York. I live there with five roommates.

Having my own place makes me feel very happy and independent because I can do my own thing. I love to cook, wash and fold my own clothes, and take care of my own responsibilities. Sometimes, living with roommates can be a challenge. I will often advocate for myself by speaking to my support staff and they will give me good advice on how to handle difficult situations.

After joining the FREE Players Drum and Bugle Corps, I became a good drummer. We make people happy when we perform all over the place at all kinds of events. The Drum Corps inspires other people with disabilities to try different things and show other people that we can do anything we want to, just like anybody else!