March 5, 2018 | Faces Of FREE

My name is Bradley.
At age 13 I found out I had a disability. It was very difficult because people were not kind or understanding to me or my needs. I didn’t know how to speak up for myself or for others. After moving to New York I met two wonderful people, Bridget and Sean. Bridget taught me how to speak up and advocate for myself and others. Sean, a dear friend, may he rest in peace, taught me not only to speak up for myself and others, but gave me the confidence I needed to do so. He was a true friend and my amigo. Before joining the Self Advocacy Association in NYS (SANYS) board, Sean helped me gain confidence and skills to advocate for others and for myself.

I spoke at the NYS Legislative Board in Albany. I taught a class on the rights of people with disabilities. I was on the board of SANYS and was proud to speak up and be the voice of others and be heard!
I have a roomate who is blind. I help him in his daily life, as he is like a brother to me. I never turn my back on anyone who may need to be heard. I am the voice of the disabled and proud to be so.