Reimagining Advocacy Conference

November 18, 2022 | News

Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE)  hosted our “Reimagining Advocacy” conference in our Bethpage location to a packed crowd.

We cannot thank Tyler Havlicek enough for sharing his truly inspirational story and advocacy efforts that helped him get where he is today. He continues to advocate and to have his voice heard. To get involved and learn more click here.

Marisol Getchius and Michelle Flood from Self-Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS) presented on the importance of self advocacy and the essential part it plays in person centered supports and services. To get involved or learn more click here.

Claire Miller from FREE, Pam Boyle from AHRC Nassau, and DJ Love, FREE Self Advocate presented on PrideAbility. It is a community of people dedicated to socialization, advocacy, and education. PrideAbility provides an engaging space for LGBTQ+ adults, families, and friends. We encourage all who are interested to join them. To learn more email Claire Miller.

Thank you to the Reimagining Advocacy Panelists. Jeanine DeNave (PROS Peer Specialist), Samantha Eisenberg (FREE Receptionist at Bethpage) and Bradley Knueppel (See Us, Hear Us Podcast) for sharing your experiences and importance of advocating for yourselves and others.

Thank you to all who participated, volunteered, and spread the word about the conference to empower and inspire change! It was an incredible day and all who attended enjoyed the closing performance of Bye Bye Birdie by The FREE Players. Special thanks to our host Casey. Check out Newsday’s coverage-Click here!