Lenz gives back to the local community with their “Stay Safe. Support Local. Work Together.”

April 3, 2020 | Press

Be a part and help make a difference by ordering a bottle of wine with a label designed by an artist in FREE’s art program. Lenz will donate 10% of this week’s sales to FREE.



A Message from Peter & Deborah Carroll, Owners of The Lenz Winery


I’d like to offer a whole series of ‘Thank-yous’.

First, to all the front-line folks in hospitals and clinics everywhere, struggling to help everyone they possibly can.


Second, to my colleagues here at Lenz who are keeping us going under strained circumstances.


Third, to all of you who are friends and fans of Lenz, for continuing to support us. All these social-distancing measures are sure to slow the spread of the virus, but they do tend to hit wineries particularly hard. However, Lenz won’t be laying anybody off.


So thanks again for your continued support.  We really do appreciate it.


Going back to those in the front-lines, we are trying to support them in tangible ways.


We will be offering various promotions on-line. In addition to free shipping, we will contribute part of our sales proceeds to different front-line groups. In fact we’re going to give you 2 or 3 choices of where you’d like those proceeds to go.


So please follow us on social media, or go to our website, or call us, to learn what we’re up to.


One thing you’ve probably noticed in the last couple of weeks is how well Americans are responding to this crisis – – with great good humor!  One I heard this morning was: “I’m so bummed that I chose 2020 to do a ‘Dry January’ ”.


We’ve started a collection of these funny takes on adversity. You will find a blogspot with a whole bunch.


Thanks again, wash your hands, and stay well,


Peter & Deborah Carroll



Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) is a non-profit organization. Their mission is to help individuals of all abilities to realize their full potential. FREE offers a broad range of services design to foster independence, productivity and individual development. They have been a long-time partner of the Lenz Winery. Each year they introduce a new wine made by Lenz with a label designed by an individual in the program. The wine is available on our website.