Help Michelle Go For Gold at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games!

March 23, 2018 | Featured, News

Meet Michelle…

Hello Everyone!
I’ve been selected to represent Special Olympics New York in Seattle Washington for the 2018 USA Games in Seattle on July 1st through 6th 2018.
The money we raise will go towards our trip and other expenses.
A little about me…
All of my Ironmen Teammates call me “the Secret Weapon.” I have been power-lifting with them for almost 2 years. It’s special to me because I am the only woman on the team! I practice with my team every week and my teammates are always urging me on! I am 33 and I live in a residence run by FREE. I am independent and I go to the gym every day. Eating very healthy is what I do daily. I am also an artist, and recently at an art show, one of my paintings sold for $300.00!!! I absolutely love drawing and painting. I can also dance and I have tap danced at Carnegie Hall for the Special Olympics Helping Hands Fundraiser, where I met Anthony Kennedy Shriver.
Special Olympics Sports I have participated in: Power-lifting
Special Olympics has changed my life: Special Olympics has changed my life a lot. I eat very healthy now and have learned to prepare my foods. I have the best coaches ever and I really like my teammates. I feel good about myself and very accomplished.
Here are some of my other accomplishments: Singing and dancing with the FREE ensemble. Being picked to dance at Carnegie Hall with the professional Tap Factor group Taking therapeutic art classes every week. Member of the Self Advocates of Long Island and went to the SANYS Conference in Albany, where I got to speak about who I am to the Commissioner of OPWDD. I am the Vice President of FREE to BE. It is an LGBTQ group that meets at FREE once a month. The members are individuals who are LGBTQ or straight and support us. They come from the local Agencies. We go out to dinner once a month and take a trip to the Stonewall Museum in Manhattan every year. Claire Walsh from FREE is the person who is in charge, but we run our meetings and parties. It’s a place where no one feels different and everyone, no matter what, is accepted! We just joined with all the other LGBTQ groups in NYS and it’s called PrideAbility! I have been marching in the Long Island Pride parade and handing out flyers for Free To Be for a couple of years. This year we marched in Long Beach. It was a blast. I can’t wait to go next year. You can be who you are and no one makes fun of you or asks you dumb questions.
Some of my other interests and hobbies: Power-lifting, UFC, MMA, music, dancing, art I would like to become a DJ and a personal trainer!
What I am looking forward to most about the Games: Winning medals, meeting new people, seeing new things, showing people that girls are strong too
Attending the 2018 USA Games  is a huge opportunity to bring female power-lifting into the sport for everyone to see me! My parents and family will be coming to the games and I am super excited to see other female power-lifters from other states!

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