From the Parent’s Perspective – Mark Snider

September 5, 2018 | FREE Blog

Nothing pleases me and my wife more than watching our sons, Corey and Trevor, eagerly anticipating their morning bus ride to the FREE Theater Day Hab Program in Old Bethpage, waiting on the front porch, armed with backpacks, lunch bags and sundry items. They typically stay afterward for respite, enjoying programs like chorus, karaoke, game night and cooking.
Every day we discuss their schedule over dinner and they’re excited to share their daily adventures with us. They’ve made many friends at the program while participating in Drum Corps, theater productions, field trips, Sunday Funday, etc.

The unsung heroes are the dedicated staff members who manage to do a lot with a little. From the very beginning, some very gifted people have come through the halls of 191 Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Road to share their talents and experiences with the “students” at the theater program.
Corey and Trevor both went through the Nassau BOCES system, where they learned academics and basic life skills, but it is FREE’s Theater Day Hab Program that has taught them how to thrive in this world. And while we don’t know what the future will bring for our boys, my wife and I agree that right now, they are in the best place possible.
— Mark Snider