February 11, 2019 | Faces Of FREE

I was at FREE a longtime ago before I left to attend a workshop. (Bill left FREE Day Hab to go to an AHRC workshop – later, he asked to return to FREE.) I worked on a lot of different projects while in this new program. I hated it there and kept telling people to let me go back to FREE. I was so happy to return to a FREE program, as I love it here I am busy all the time. I have a million of friends here, plus people help me here; I never want to go back to that workshop.

I like to run the shredder and help the people here. My bags of shredded paper go to the “pet shop” (Islip Animal Shelter). I fill up almost an entire bag each day and go on the trip to deliver the bags of paper.

I didn’t like the workshop because sometimes they didn’t have enough work to do and it was boring. I love it here – as I am busy all the time. People help me and I have “millions” of friends here.
Sitter Dottie came to visit me at my home. I talked to her on the phone about trying to make friends. They treat me good at home and I never have a problem, as FREE is a good place! At FREE, I get to:
• Go fishing/camping
• Stay with the shredding or get a job at the pet shop
• Go for walks around the building
• Go shopping
• Go see FREE baseball games
• Gardening flowers

I like it here and want to stay at FREE. Go Mets Go!