DSPs/CSS and Supervisors of the Quarter!

October 16, 2023 | News

The Housing Division continues to find ways to show appreciation to our hardworking dedicated staff!

At the end of the every quarter the VP, in conjunction with their OD, has chosen one employee in their division to honor as the “DSP/CSS of the Quarter!”  We also chose one supervisor within the housing division to honor as “Supervisor of the Quarter!”  These employees joined their managers, ODs, and VPs for an appreciation breakfast.


It is our pleasure to announce the DSP/CSS’s and Supervisor of Quarter 3:


(From left to right)

Selena Gonzalez, DSP Evergreen

Deborah Cedeno, Supervisor Evergreen

Anthony Preciado, DSP Terryville

Jennifer Bryant, DSP Karshick

Ashley Gladkowski, CSS SH Suffolk

Sarah Antoine, DSP Hempstead

Ashlee Marotta, DSP Stoothoff (not pictured)


Congratulations to all!   Looking forward to honoring Q4 staff. 🙂