Compassion Is Not Taught

March 27, 2019 | FREE Blog, News


Emilie Antoine is a Direct Support Professional that has worked hard to find innovative ways to work with the ladies at Somerset SIRA. Emilie has taught many of the women to increase their independence, prepare meals, and care for their medical needs. Emilie assumes the role of caretaker, mentor, medical advisor and life coach. While assisting the individuals at Somerset she reminds them of good hygiene, healthy eating and will research foods and exercises the women can do to improve their overall health. Now many may say these are things that you are supposed to do as a Direct Support Professional, but Emilie goes beyond.  Emilie speaks to the individuals, and encourages them to take care of themselves, she helps them find their voice to speak out during appointments and meetings, helping them to take charge of their life. Emilie keeps a day planner and encourages the individuals to do so as well.  She often tells them write down information from all aspects of their life: dates of medication refills, visits to doctors, days off work or program, dates they had procedures performed, etc. Emilie often jokes with the ladies she supports in regards to this. Laughter is what makes Emilie’s hard work seem very easy. The ladies anticipate her arrival each day. When Emilie helps the ladies do chores, which is an unpleasant for them, she makes it fun and gets everyone involved. Overall, you can teach someone how to be a good Direct Support Professional, but you cannot teach true compassion.  Emilie has true compassion.