Anniversary Celebrations for Special Needs Residences

July 24, 2019 | Press

Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc.  (FREE) hosted an anniversary celebration for two of their residential homes in Melville, NY and East Meadow, NY, respectively.  The Melville residence is celebrating 32 years of service, and the East Meadow residence, is celebrating 30 years of

service.  FREE, a leader in the field of human services dedicated to helping individuals of all abilities realize their full potential and prevail over life’s challenges, opened these homes to serve individuals with autism and differing abilities.

“Celebrating these anniversaries warms my heart, and they would not be possible without the dedicated members of the FREE family that work within the residences on a daily basis,” said Robert S. Budd, CEO FREE.  “We believe that the individuals we are proud to serve should have every opportunity to live just as any other person would, and that includes having someplace they can call home,” he continued.