COVID-19 Vaccination Consent

As I’m sure you are aware, the first COVID-19 vaccines are here. Currently, a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech has been authorized for emergency use by the FDA and approved by New York State’s independent Clinical Advisory Task Force. New York State expects to receive further doses of the Pfizer vaccine this month. Also, Moderna is expected to receive authorization and that will include another 360,000 doses scheduled to be distributed to NYS.

In preparation of the vaccine being made available to those we support we are proactively gathering vital information. Each person eligible for the vaccination will need to consent to being vaccinated. Consent forms have been prepared by the Department of Health (DOH) and attached you will find the DOH COVID-19 Immunization Screening and Consent Form for your review. We require your support to obtain consent for your loved ones to receive the vaccination once we are able to proceed and ask that you return the documents as quickly as possible.

Please sign the Consent section of the form (second page) and mail back to 191 Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Road Old Bethpage, NY 11804 or you can scan to this e-mail

There are still a number of steps we must take before moving into the complete implementation phase of the vaccination administration, however, we are proactively preparing to ensure optimal results.

Click Here for the Vaccination Consent Form

COVID-19 Vaccination - Distribution Guidance

Recent guidance from OPWDD about COVID vaccine distribution please see below for the critical information we learned!

  • OPWDD adult (over 16) residential programs have been designated as Priority 1A – evidently the highest priority together with other congregate facilities.


  • The Pfizer vaccine will be available to adult residential programs with a majority of the residents who are over age 65 and their support staff will be eligible for Pfizer vaccine that will be administered by CVS and Walgreens.  There are approximately 400 residences that have been identified as meeting this criterion for the Pfizer vaccine notification to follow to the residential programs.


  • The rest of those in residences will be eliglble in Priority 1A for the Moderna vaccine.  The Moderna vaccine will be available from hospitals in proximity to residential programs.   Each residence will be assigned to a local hospital.


  • Both vaccines require 2 doses – Pfizer two weeks apart and Moderna – 28 days apart.


  • The number of vaccines available in the first week will NOT be sufficient for all those eligible in Priority IA.  Doses will start to be available next week and weekly thereafter.


  • Because the COVID vaccine has only be approved under an emergency use basis, the COVID vaccine cannot be mandated, only strongly recommended.


  • Local Departments of Health are NOT involved at this time in vaccine distribution for Priority 1A.  NYS will direct where the vaccines will go and NYS will inform residential programs where to go to secure the vaccine.


  • Phase 1B access remains to be determined.


As we learn more we will keep you informed.

FREE's Evolving COVID-19 Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) remained committed to providing the highest quality of supports and services. We have been responding to the pandemic since the beginning. Click here to see how our response has been evolving since March 2020.