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2nd Annual Symposium

Friday, May 18, 2018 @ 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Lights, Community, Let’s Take Action! A Focus on Mental Health

Certified Rehabilitation Counselors Can Earn CEUs!!!

Join Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) as advocates, providers, community leaders and other stakeholders share their stories, innovative programs and current initiatives to help each person receive the supports and services they need in order achieve their highest quality of life possible. Hear stories from individuals who have lived these experiences and speak of the success they have found due to their own hard work and perseverance of the provider and stakeholder community.
In the world of Behavioral Health, the complexities and obstacles that people, families and providers face has become exponentially challenging. From cyber bullying on social stigma to the opioid epidemic, and significant increases in depression and anxiety, the community as a whole has been tasked with the responsibility to think outside the box and come up with creative, innovative and evidenced-based responses to combat the numerous challenges that are affecting our loved ones.
Keynote Speaker: Lucy Winer
Lucy Winer has been directing and producing award-winning documentaries for over 30 years. “Although we did appear in festivals [for our documentary Kings Park], and we did get some wonderful reviews, it right away became apparent that the biggest demand for the film was going to come from the world of mental health,” Winer commented to PBS. “This is a huge world and incorporates many different audiences, including consumers, advocacy groups, mental health professionals at every level, policy makers, universities and colleges, hospitals and clinics, government agencies and the criminal justice system. Because the history of mental health care has been so ignored, there’s a real passion among all these groups to learn about the past and see how this history has impacted the crisis in mental health care that we face today.”
Informative and exciting workshops!

  • NY START Program (New York Systematic Therapeutic Assessment, Respite and Treatment)
  • Housing First Model
  • “Revolving Door” Substance Use and Mental Health Issues
  • Forensic Programs – New Innovations
  • Domestic Violence and More…

Esteemed panelist… Suffolk County Division of Community Mental Hygiene and more!


For more information, send an email to ConferencePlanningCommittee@familyres.org.


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