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Family Residences is proud to offer a variety of day services to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities. Depending upon ability, short and long range goals, choice and preference, our Adult Day Services Division can provide support and training in environments that ensure safety and security as well as foster independence, productivity and individual development. Programs run from approximately 8 am until 3 pm and transportation is arranged for all participants.

Day Treatment
Family Residences provides day treatment services in Hauppauge and East Setauket. Programs operate year round from Monday through Friday. Door to door transportation services are arranged for all program participants. The day treatment serves individuals with all levels of developmental and physical disabilities. Individuals with a history of psychiatric involvement, coupled with a diagnosis of developmental disabilities, are served in both programs.

Individuals and staff work together to develop skills and attitudes that will enrich life experience in the areas of Work , Recreation , Socialization AND Self Care.

The Consumer Advisory Board coordinates activities which include Integrated Recreational Activities and a variety of on-going volunteer experiences and Clinical services are provided by licensed practitioners.

Day Services
Family Residences provides day program services in Old Bethpage, Hauppauge, Islandia and East Setauket. Programs operate year round from Monday through Friday. Door to door transportation services are arranged for all program participants. Day Program Services focus on the participant’s choice and preferences. Emphasis is on attaining satisfying and rewarding relationships within the community and participation in the numerous clubs and activities that are available are determined by the individual.

Each participant has a Day Program Plan which focuses on the achievement of enhanced independence, integration, individualization, and productivity.

Day Services East Setauket
Day Services in East Setauket serves individuals with multiple physical, developmental and behavioral challenges.
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Day Services Hauppauge
FREE’s Adult Day Services in Hauppauge, NY assists individuals achieve goals through a person-centered program. The flexible services enable participants to develop enhanced independence, integration, individualization, and productivity through a personal choice of activities.
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Day Services Islandia
Day Services Islandia is committed to FREE’s mission of assisting differently-abled adults in the realization of their human potential by providing activities in work-related settings.
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FREE Players

The FREE Players is part of our Theatre Arts Day Program in our Old Bethpage Facility.  Rehearsals for the shows begin with four hours per week, expanding to over eight hours per week until the show is ready. The popularity of our shows required us to seek a larger theatre space, so we are now using the Commack Jewish Center & Theater Three in Port Jefferson, NY. Sets, costumes, lighting and sound equipment are provided by donations and many community and family members volunteer their time to make the costumes and sets, working along side our employees and individuals.
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Program Without Walls
Program without Walls is a completely Community based day habilitation program. These individuals partake in a variety of volunteer, recreational and social experiences based upon preferences and needs. Similar to Day Habilitation, each participant has a Habilitation Plan which details valued outcomes which are translated into services that are provided through the program.

Day Services Bethpage
FREE’s Day Services Bethpage  program provides opportunities for differently-abled individuals to increase their independence.

The program emphasizes the enhancement of mental and physical fitness skills through theater-related arts, prevocational opportunities, and life experiences. Working as part of a team to enhance appropriate social behaviors, communication skills, age-appropriate activities and routines, and develop pre-vocational skills, participants produce two main-stage shows a year The desire to participate in the on-stage productions motivates individuals to overcome social and behavioral challenges.
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Young adults and teens supported by FREE are working with local businesses to decorate their storefronts for popular holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  The collaboration, which officially began on June 27, 2013, commenced with a celebratory display that ran through the Fourth of July weekend. The handmade artwork is not only helping to “brighten up” the Setauket community, but also allowing local merchants a chance to give back alongside those individuals supported by FREE.


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